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Family Dentistry

Since 1990, Alan S. Yeung, D.D.S. has provided outstanding family dentistry to the people in Paoli, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas. We specialize in all types of general dentistry and dental restoration. Emergency care is also available.
Retainer - Tooth Extraction in Paoli, PA

Preventive Maintenance

Maintaining a healthy and beautiful smile takes more than regular brushing, it requires periodic professional care. We first complete a comprehensive exam and offer advice on personal, at-home care that is tailored to each individual, because every patient is different. Read more
Teeth examination - Tooth Extraction in Paoli, PA

Restoration and Replacement of Missing Teeth

Our office provides implants, bridges, partial dentures, and tooth-color restoration to bring your teeth back to their optimum function and appearance. Implants involve an artificial root that is implanted into the gum and are used to permanently attach a crown. ... Read more
Dentist Tools - Tooth Extraction in Paoli, PA


Extractions are completed when a tooth cannot be restored, or when the patient decides not to have the tooth restored for various reasons. While doing extractions, we always make sure you are comfortable, and use a local anesthetic that makes the process relatively pain-free.
Dentist and Patient - Tooth Extraction in Paoli, PA


Gum health is associated with overall body health. We perform scaling and deep cleaning where a local antibiotic is introduced to the site of gum disease. By detecting periodontal problems early on, we can use non-surgical intervention to restore the condition of your gums.
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